I wish that I could share a story about how Dave Ramsey’s teachings have turned my life around, but I’m only 19. However, I can still share the difference that Financial Peace University has made in mine and my family’s lives.

I’ve always been a future oriented person, and therefore have also thought about my financial future. However, after going through the entirety of FPU in two days I had learned enough to get the gears grinding. I’m currently attending the United States Naval Academy, and therefore have no student loans (thank the Lord). However, FPU showed me that the pitfall that credit can be and pushed me to immediately pay off and cancel my credit card. I have planned out a viable way to save up for and buy every car I will own within the next 20 years or so and my future home without loans!

I also forced my procrastinating parents to start on FPU and they are well on their way to getting out of debt. Thanks for the great work you do!