After taking the FPU class my wife and I started to relentlessly attack our debt. We owed around 10,000 on credit cards, 22,000 on a small business loan and 18,000 for our car. By applying the FPU principles we were able to pay off all the above debt in the first year. That was a great accomplishment and we know that we were working along side God to do it. There’s no doubt that as we were faithful he blessed or efforts.
After paying off the majority of our debt I felt God tell me “Why not pay off the house in a year?”.In my mind paying off the house in a year did not seem possible, we still owed $116,000. How would we pay off a home loan for $116,000 when, between my wife and myself we barely made that in a year. The math did not add up. As I thought about it I realized that I was trying to figure out how “I” would pay it off. So I decided it was time to dust off my faith and trust this task that was impossible for me and my wife to the God that is not familiar with impossibilities, the God that created the heavens and Earth. So on Jan of 2016 my wife and I declared that our home that we had paid on for 18 years would be paid for in 1 year. Let me tell you that those words did not sound right coming out our my mouth. Nonetheless we continued to declare our house paid for. We started to take all of our extra money and begin to pay our home loan down every several months. On May of 2016 we had a major setback after being involved in a auto accident that ended up costing us around $8000. I was tempted to get discouraged thinking it would not happen, however I reminded myself that it’s not up to my efforts that this gets accomplished. With our emergency fund in place we we able to stay on task and on Feb 2nd (Ground hogs day) 2017 we made our final house payment! Now that’s a miracle! Praise God!
Did I mention that we not only paid the house off but went on four vacations in 2016? God is good!
My recommendation, take the FPU class, apply the principles and believe God for great miracles.

“According to your faith let it be done to you” Matt 9:29