August 2009 I was $26,562.76 in debt. My best friend Lillian called me and invited me to take FPU at her church. We couldn’t afford the tuition so we both paid half in order to attend and shared the book. It was life changing. I did baby step one with money received from a relative and then started on a 5 year plan. I immediately started using only cash and paying of one credit card at a time (cut up all my cards in class). I tracked it each month so I could see my progress and see how far I had to go. The steps in the class were simple and I did gazelle payments. I was blessed with money when I needed it and a second job that helped also. 12/15/13 I paid my last gazelle payment. I am TOTALLY DEBT FREE. I am ready for baby step three now! My Best Friend and I have struggled and supported each other through the whole time and I could not have done it without her urging me to take the class and being my support. Dave’s plan was so simple and made sense. It is amazing that I was able to go from not knowing how I was going to make it each month to being out of debt. I am able to live in financial peace knowing I can handle emergencies and have money for travel and enjoy life. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels. I have shared your class with my family and friends and anyone who will listen. Thank you so much for your plan. It has changed my life!