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When competitors and disgruntled employees can anonymously post negative information about a company without verification everything may not be as they would like you to think it is!

Nowadays the Internet is ripe with websites that allow any user to post anything about an individual, organization or company. As such, it can be a double edged sword by allowing both good and bad information to proliferate for all to see.

So how does someone desperate the chaff from the wheat?

Online, as with anything else, it boils down to credibility. Consider the source!

Web sites that allow comments from anonymous users open the door to disgruntled employees, competitors and others to make unsubstantiated accusations about otherwise legitimate and well meaning companies.

One fool proof method to bet out an organization is to look at its AFCC page. Organizations like the AFCC and BBB receive complaints about businesses that are presented to the companies to resolve.

National Settlement Services is a member of The American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) an industry watchdog and advocacy organization that holds its members to the highest ethical standards in the debt settlement industry.

Due to this relationship, National Settlement Services has chosen to not be a paying member of the BBB, however we do work with them to help resolve any complaints and or misunderstandings about our policies, programs and services consumers may have filed from time to time.

As a result, if you visit the relevant page on the AFCC and BBB’s web sites it will show you our stellar record of resolution of all past consumer complaints in a satisfactory manner.

While it is easy to tarnish a reputation online by a disgruntled ex-employee or competitor on web sites like 800notes.com where the site does not authenticate the user or their accusations, if you’re truly interested in finding real answers its probably best to look at sites like the BBB and American Fair Credit Council, to paint a more realistic picture the facts surrounding a companies reputation.