We were married in 2007 and bought a house, with no down payment, the same year. About a year later, we took our church’s first FPU class and got gazelle intense on our debt. We didn’t have car loans, but did have very modest student loans ($4k) which we accelerated and paid in a few months. We followed the baby steps, never took on more debt, and just today we paid off our mortgage! Mike is a Phy Ed teacher, and Sarah is a Financial Advisor. For most of our married life, Mike has been subbing, until he landed a full time position in September 2011. We cut back wherever we could and set financial goals. We sacrificed cable and internet for years, and were constantly teased by friends and family for it. Sarah earned the nickname “The Coupon Queen” by those same friends and family. We just laughed and knew our goals were being met slowly but surely. We asked God to help us and truly believed he would show up… And he absolutely did! At 27 years old, we are both completely debt free, and are thrilled to know that we will be for the rest of our lives.