Our financial journey began in the beginning of September 2015, when my husband and I were given Dave’s book “The Total Money Makeover”. We had no savings and were a one income family making around 24K a year. My husband had back surgery in December of 2014 and has been home since with our 2.5 year old son, I am 29 and work overnight full time. Right about the time I started to read Dave’s book, our only car broke down. This was a devastating blow since we had no savings and no way to get the car fixed let alone looked at! I stayed diligent on reading Dave’s book though. I sat down with my husband and we both agreed that our approach to money was not working and decided to try it Dave’s way. During the month of September, we put a total of $1300 into getting our car fixed. After the car was fixed we had to get caught back up on our monthly bills, these had to wait while we paid for the car repairs. During this time I decided to take a second job delivering pizza’s because I felt like we would never complete baby step one and get caught up. I was so tired of barely keeping our head above water and we were comfortable being normal (in debt). However with the encouragement of my husband we have stayed focused. Now only a month and a half after starting our Financial journey with Dave, we have completed Baby Step One and paid off 3 of our bills completely! My days are 18-20 hours long and I miss my family like crazy, but I know that if I will live like no one else, then later I can live like no one else. Even just the peace of mind that having an emergency fund has given us has made the sacrifice all worth it, I want people to know that if our low-income family with no college education can do it then so can you! Thank you Dave Ramsey for changing our future and our Son’s future as well. We can’t wait to be able to do our debt free scream!!!