My husband and I attended a marriage retreat in August of 2012. Some of the recommended reads included Dave’s Total Money Makeover. Well, I bought the book online and began to read it. I felt convicted to start this for our family. So my husband and I prayed for God’s guidance and strength of commitment, and began the program in September of 2012. Well, I am proud to say that 7 months and $13,600 later we are almost offically debt free, with only one loan standing in our way. We have also been able to save 1 months expenses along with the emergency fund, and have been able to pay cash for recent medical procedures. Things I could have never imagined last year at this time. I must say, I have missed having my nails done, LOL!! But knowing that in less than 10 months I will be able to lower my hours at work, and spend more time at home with my precious babies, makes it all worth it. Thanks be to God for sending Dave into our lives.