Graduated college in 2008 (great year for jobs for history buffs) with $75,000 in student loan debt. Married, with one child.

Had a handful of jobs for about 2 years (no more than 25K gross income), but still chiseled off $12K a year by living below means, listening to God’s wisdom, and saying “no” to everything under the sun. Rough time. City bus was a great way to meet new people.

Got a job as a Web Developer for a local college, making $45-50K salary (gross income), now with 3 kids, all homeschooled.

As of yesterday–Feb 22, 2017–we are free of student loan debt.

Bought a cup of coffee for every year I was in debt, for the shop to give to that many customers after I left. Only asked them to say “Debt Free Coffee” if questioned.

You can do it!