We began our marriage over 60K in debt. Most of it was all my school loans. With my husband in the Coast Guard we were quickly on the move to his new training station and I felt really discouraged about our money situation. I was working as a full-time financially supported missionary in the states to college student and military families through Campus Crusade for Christ. Needless to say, we didn’t not have money but we didn’t have the money to pay off debt fast either. Upon our move to Elizabeth City, NC I learned of a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class at a church we were attending. There I began my journey to learn what it meant to save and not spend so much money on coffee :). I also learned to use the Debt Snowball. So excited about this opportunity to pay off our debt quickly I shared everything with my husband and we started working on it together at full speed. We cut down and almost cut out eating out, budgeted our paychecks everything month using the monthly budget planner and started getting creative with how we entertained ourselves. I remember feeling at time like it would never end. I felt guilty and so upset with myself for bringing so much debt into our marriage. My degree in nursing wasn’t being used because I was in ministry, but I knew thats where God wanted me. There was a lot of trust. In the first year of our marriage we managed to pay off about 25K. Then in the next year we began putting more money monthly to the debt because I had begun working as a nurse, at least $1500 a month. As the months went by we chipped away getting so excited each time a loan was paid off. The Debt Snow ball method was so encouraging and motivating. We also had become pros at finding out what we could give up and had more pocket spending money for ourselves, meaning more coffee for me. In the middle of our 2nd year I was given a settlement from a car accident where the other driver was at fault. Through God’s grace I was given $27K as the settlement. We didn’t question it for a second, it was all going towards the debt. Now about 10K away we got serious about how much we wanted to go into our savings to pay off the rest of the debt. Today marks our first debt free day, we paid off the rest of my school loans. First off The Lord is what got us to this point, but God is definitely using Dave Ramsey’s method’s to help people immensely. He helps you understand and remember that all money is truly God’s, we must pay back our lenders and then we must save and think of our futures, as well as, now having guilt free fun along the way.